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What this eBook and Movie are about:

Description:In Depth Research, Information, Break down of the operation warp speed "covid 19 vaccine" from start to finish with all the steps and stops in between. Detailed Facts, Opines, and Information. A must see for the truth seeker and everyday teen to senior. A bounty of information that will finally solve all your questions and allow you to understand the depth, breadth, and scope of the hoax perpetrated on us with the POISON "Vaccine". The vaccine had already been created and was never a vaccine. History will remember this genocide for centuries to come. All involved need to visit Nuremberg for trials. We hope to inform everyone of just what took place. With insiders and whistleblowers statements and noted experts of their fields as well as everyday people who are not on the side of the power structure.


What you get:

Download:Ebook & Movie
Limited Edition:Ebook & Movie
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Title:Mandated Death: Operation Warp Speed Endgame
Category:Documentary, Political, Research, Educational, Informational
Downloadable:Ebook & Video
Running Time/Length:57 Minutes Video / 51 Pages Ebook
Release Date:March 2022

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Mandated Death: Operation Warp Speed EndGame - Documentary Ebook & Movie

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