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Description:In Depth Research, Information, Break down of the "covid 19 variants" from start to finish with all the steps and stops in between. Detailed Facts, Opines, and Information. A must read for the truth seeker and everyday teen to senior. A bounty of information that will finally solve all your questions and allow you to understand the depth, breadth, and scope of the hoax perpetrated on us with the Scamdemic "Covid 19 Variants". A Plethora of links, articles, images and facts from the horses own mouths that disprove their scams and hoax with all the variants and how they seem to magically spread far and wide overnight almost like a SCRIPT being handed down in the dark of night... Get your tin foil hats and lets jump down this rabbit hole and find reality in all the delusions. Every purchase of this ebook or any other product of ours helps us to fight against the tyranny and expose all the lies and propaganda. Please help keep us alive today! Thank you and god bless.


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Title:COVID 19: VARIANTS - The Boy Who Cried Wolf
Category:Documentary, Political, Research, Educational, Informational
Running Time/Length:40 Page Ebook
Release Date:February 2022

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COVID 19: VARIANTS - The Boy Who Cried Wolf - Documentary Ebook

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